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On 24 February, Israeli duo Rendezvous – Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg – release their eagerly awaited album, Another Round Please, via Rough Trade / Moot Records.

The album comes hot on the heels of some significant club chart successes, with their most recent single The Murf reaching number 5 in the UK club charts, and its stunning video clocking up 150,000+ views online in the space of just a few weeks (see

Another Round Please nods its hat to a wide range of influences – the early electro pioneers, classic progressive rock and chillwave; it also brings to mind the likes of Kraftwerk, Underworld and Air...

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Ringo Starr – Ringo 2012

Ringo Starr is one of the best known musicians in the world thanks to being a member of The Beatles. Since The Beatles split he has continued to make music and Ringo 2012 is the latest release. Having been involved in writing many of The Beatles songs and writing several of them himself including ”Don’t pass me by” and ”Octopus’s garden”, his musical influence is huge. As well as his music career he has also been involved in films and TV, including narrating the first two series of kids favourite, Thomas the tank engine.

Ringo Starr draws inspiration from a wide range of musical genres including classic blues, soul, country, honky-tonk and rock ’n’ roll and this gives his music a refreshingly different sound.

Guest performers on the album include: Joe Walsh, Benmont Tench, Kenny Wayne S...

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The Moor: The Moor EP

Lion Music/Digital

Venice, Italy, band THE MOOR releases a digital only EP prior to their forthcoming debut full-length album, due out later in 2012. The band seems consistent in incorporating prog rock, metal, death metal (guitars), seventies and alternative music in their own take on the metal genre. Or perhaps they are close to the likes of DREAM THEATER and OPETH, as the info states. Still developing and changing members the band might be on to something?

This is almost 4/5 from beginning to end. The heavy parts are balanced by soft(er) refrains, forcefulness and roughness meet with melody and fine arrangements...

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Battle Beast – Steel

Artist: Battle Beast
Album: Steel (Nuclear Blast)
Genre: Heavy metal

Steel släpps för andra gången i Europa och denna gång under Nuclear Blast. Med ett högst tveksamt albumcover och en slogan som lyder ”The ugliest band in the world” så kan man ju inte annat än undra hur seriösa finska Battle Beast egentligen är.

”Ett till hjälte-heavy metalband med pipig mansröst”, tänkte jag när jag hörde plattan första gången. Sedan uppdagades det för mig – det är ta mig fan en brud som sjunger. En brud, som låter som en man, som piper utav bara helvete. Hon har tydligen blivit jämförd med Rob Halford. Jag är grymt imponerad. I alla fall under första halvan, för sedan orkar jag inte med det – men det kan ju å andra sidan ha att göra med mina icke objektiva musikpreferenser...

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Iron Fire: Voyage of the Damned

Napalm/Sound Pollution

2010 marked the tenth anniversary of Danish band IRON FIRE. Now the band returns with their seventh full-length album to date, and apparently a steady lineup, which has not always been the case. Band leader and vocalist Martin Steene is the only remaining original member. This new album is said to be filled to the brim with genuine riffs, heavy drums and appealing melodies. Faith and conviction seem to be key words, well, convince me!

The nonplussed intro “The Dark Beyond” that opens the proceedings is not a sign of grandeur. Neither is the sampled vocal experiment “Enter Oblivion OJ-666”. What is this? The third effort, “Taken” raises the bar, and the keys are tastefully used...

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Stuka Squadron – Tales of the Ost

Stuka squadron are a London based band that combine World War 2 Germany with Vampires (seems obvious really doesnt it). They wear long German miltary leather coats, Iron Crosses, and Luftwaffe caps as well as displaying Vampire fangs to create a striking image. A striking image though is nothing without having the music to go with it, and Stuka Squadron aren’t lacking there either – they’re a damn good live band, so I was looking forward to listening to the album to see how they sound.

Well after a couple of listens I’m not disappointed – this is a great album.

Comments on a couple of the songs..

The intro – ”Into the breach” does a decent job of building up the mood ready for the first real song – ”Tales of the Ost”...

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Black Messiah – The final journey

”The Final Journey” is the fifth album from Black Messiah. The lineup has changed several times since they formed in 1992, with Zagan being the only remaining original member. The band was originally a black metal band but has evolved over time and now plays pagan or viking metal.
There are plenty of folk influences in the music as well as influences from classical music.

Musically Black Messiah are heavier than bands like Turisas, and they play some really impressive metal. The violin highlights the folk and pagan aspects nicely, and the gravelly growling vocals hark back to the bands black metal roots. Pounding rapid drums and powerful guitar riffs give the music plenty of heaviness.

The album is unusual in that it splits naturally into two parts...

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Lillian Axe – XI: The days before tomorrow

XI:The Days before Tomorrow is the eleventh release from Louisiana Music Hall of Fame members, Lillian Axe and marks the debut of new lead vocalist Brian Jones.
Despite the bands long history I’ve never really listened to them till now – too many bands and not enough time to listen to them I’m afraid.

My first impressions on listening to the album were very good – this is impressive stuff. Its good commercial melodic rock with nice smooth vocals and great tunes.

”Take the bullet” has a heavier more guitar driven beginning

The guitar solo in ”My Apologies” stands out and is very good, and fits well in the song – I’ve heard plenty where the guitar solo was clearly just there to fulfill someones ego rather than being something that worked well with the song

Brian Jones sounds great on this...

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Gretchen Peters – Hello cruel world

”Hello cruel world” is the ninth album from American Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Gretchen Peters. Her songs have been performed by artists including Etta James and Neil Diamond.

Gretchen Peters sings what is probably best called Folk music. Her songs are simply arranged leaving her voice and the beautiful lyrics she writes as the main focus. In this way, all the emotion in the songs comes through clearly.

Gretchen Peters says about the album, ”After I’d finished recording Hello Cruel World, certain themes began to emerge… One is the idea that ‘survival is triumph,’ and that the real heroes are the ones who endure. That theme surprised me,” she continues. “The others have to do with religion and God, and the nature of art...

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Persona Non Grata: Quantum Leap

Massacre/Sound Pollution

Greek progressive metallists PERSONA NON GRATA formed in 2003. Unknowlingly Chris Gatsos, guitars, joined John Ioannidis band FATAL ERROR. The pair soon moved in a progressive direction. Together with former vocalist Bill Axiotis and session musicians Akis Gavalas, drums, and Chris Vogiatzis, bass, they recorded the bands first outing, the album “Shade in the Light”. The info compares the band to the likes of CIRCUS MAXIMUS, VANDEN PLAS and POVERTY´S NO CRIME. In 2009 they decided to change vocalists because of increasing obligations, and opted for Aris Pirris. The final piece in the puzzle was bassist Apostolis Kaltsas who joined prior to recording this album. Comparisons with DREAM THRATER and FATES WARNING are made, can they live up to this?

The first part ...

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