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Play at Tolminator!

Every year we will give newcomers a chance to perform on Tolminator. We tend to continue supporting newcomers, but there’s only a certain amount of slots we can provide each year and hundreds of bands who wanna perform. So the only reasonable option is to give the chance to bands that are also present on the festival itself as fans. With this we also make sure that the fans get that family feeling from the festival.

What to do? At least one band member needs to come to the INFO POINT at the festival, where you will need to fill an application form and leave your CD.

This is the only way you get a chance to play TOLMINATOR. We will later go through every single recording and choose the best 15+ bands that will get a slot on the Beach Stage or even Main Stage.

If you think yo...

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Sista banden till årets Sweden Rock klara

Spåkulan talar för sista gången i år: här är de sista banden som utgör startfältet på Sweden Rock Festival.

Pain – lördag 8 juni
Electric Boys – lördag 8 juni
Spiders – fredag 7 juni

Totalt 96 band är bekräftade för sommarens festival. Vi ser verkligen framemot att välkomna er tillbaka för fyra fantastiska dagar fyllda med glädje, musik och härliga människor!

Ta en titt på samtliga artister här:

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Bulletproof lockers at Tolminator…

Our lockers are bulletproof, the same as my bro Yannic from Rectal Smegma💪 This year we rented 300! Lockers of course, not Yannics haha there’s only one Yannic 👊

210 smaller lockers (dimension 14x25x50cm) 20,00 EUR for the entire festival + 10,00 EUR key deposit

90 bigger lockers (dimension 31x25x50cm) 30,00 EUR for the entire festival + 10,00 key deposit

All lockers are equipped with a power socket, so you can charge your phones and laptops inside a locker.

Question is, are the lockers float proof also? 😉

For more info go to, enjoy your Saturday and stay Metal as Fuck \m/

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Camping at Tolminator

There were a lot of questions about camping at Tolminator Metal Fest II, so here’s couple of information about it:

-Camp opens on Monday, 22. 7. 2024 at 12:00 (see Early Arrival terms below!*)

-Camp closes on Sunday, 28. 7. 2024 at 12:00

-Camping is available to festival guests free of charge from Wednesday, 24. 7. 2024, but is a subject to possession of a valid festival-ticket!

-Camping & parking areas are divided in 2 different sections:

1. parking & camping areas – field

2. camping only – woods

Camping is at one’s own risk, festival promoter accepts no responsibility in any case!

-Group camping!

We offer group camping for groups of minimum 25 people.

We accept reservations until 1. 7. 2024 on the email.

Please note, we wi...

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Join the party at the beach stage next to river Soca

Watch the shows from your unicorn floatie! The Underground Stage is moving to the beach! And this is another reason why we are so excited about yesterday’s news. That means beach stage for at least another 4 years, woohoo!

I understand that some of you are feeling down because 2027 could be the end of a festival era in Tolmin, but that means we are assured for the next 4 years, and something like that has never happened before. Usually it’s not more than one year ahead, and then again and again, it’s like nonstop hustle level 666. Plus, who knows what happens in the next 4 years? It’s a long period, and we will do everything we can to make your extreme metal vacation the best possible experience, and we can plan years ahead...

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