Bulletproof lockers at Tolminator…

Our lockers are bulletproof, the same as my bro Yannic from Rectal Smegma💪 This year we rented 300! Lockers of course, not Yannics haha there’s only one Yannic 👊

210 smaller lockers (dimension 14x25x50cm) 20,00 EUR for the entire festival + 10,00 EUR key deposit

90 bigger lockers (dimension 31x25x50cm) 30,00 EUR for the entire festival + 10,00 key deposit

All lockers are equipped with a power socket, so you can charge your phones and laptops inside a locker.

Question is, are the lockers float proof also? 😉

For more info go to https://tolminator.com/festival-abc/, enjoy your Saturday and stay Metal as Fuck \m/