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Saint Vitus arrive at Hellfest to close their 2015 European Tour The Return of the Walking Dead. The L.A. band, pioneers of Doom Metal since 1978, stand still and continue to strike us all with their slow, thundering riffs and melting lyrics. Latest news was that singer Wino Weinrich was arrested in Europe on November 2014 for drug possession, so the band announced on April this year that Scott Reagers, former singer of the band, would join them for the upcoming European summer dates. We all wandered about that sudden change so joined guitarist Dave Chandler at Hellfest backstage before the gig. Chandler, heart and brain of the band, was incredibly talkative and nice to us, and explained the current state of the band.

LSM: Hello Dave, thanks for having us...

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Lineup at Brutal Assault!

BA2015_poster_en (1)

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Roskilde Festival 2015 comes to an end. Management expects to donate millions to charity

Almost 100,000 people bought a ticket to this year’s Roskilde Festival’s week-long celebration of music, arts and creative kinship. All profits from the festival are donated in full to charitable and cultural purposes, and the festival management expects to donate 2.5 million euro to charity following this year’s festival.

The last concert ended early Sunday morning after acts like Paul McCartney, Nicki Minaj, Africa Express and Jamie XX were among the acts on the last day at Roskilde Festival

Thousands of festival guests are currently leaving the festival site in Roskilde after eight days of music and community. Thus, the 45th Roskilde Festival comes to an end, and the gates to the camping areas close at 14.00 today.

Spokeswoman Christina Bilde says about the festival guests’ ...

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We had the chance to quickly interview one of the Stoner/Desert rock pillars of our time, Palm Desert artist Brant Bjork. Former drummer of the acclaimed Kyuss and Fu Manchu, Brant combines his holistic skills with great creativity and a particular music career, full of swinging and achievements. Just to name a few, his solo projects include albums like Jalamanta (1999), Brant Bjork & the Operators (2002) and Keep your Cool (2003). Later on, he toured Europe and America in 2003 and 2004 with a new lineup called Brant Bjork and the Bros and recorded Saved by Magic (2005) and Somera Sól (2007). Drummer, guitar and bass player, singer, producer… Brant Bjork music is anything it chooses to be, anytime, just like that...

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Brutal Assault fest joined forces with the Leatherman company and to celebrate 20th edition of the fest Leatherman will produce a handful of limited and numbered pieces of their world-famous WAVE multitools. This very special edition is issued with 25 year warranty and comes with customised handles and casing. The few pieces produced will be available via our e-shop and one of them (number 000) is here up for grabs! Try Your luck in our contest in here! If you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity You can pre-order this great Brutal Assault customized life-time lasting tool in our e-shop. Here’s a sneak-peak video, detailed pics in the e-shop!

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According to Hellfest’s depitcion, AHAB are “the kings of funeral doom, a strange and interesting genre that is able to create something so fantastic and captivating with a sedated tempo”. Couldn’t find any better description, but you better watch these guys live to understand the aims of their music and the paths you can be lead to thanks to their deadly, atmospheric vibe. Created in Germany around 2004, the actual members are Daniel Droste (guitar, vocals), Chris Hector (guitar), Stephan Wandernorth (drums) and Cornelius Althammer (bass). Today they have three albums running and a fourth to be released next month. We had a chat with Daniel Droste and Chris Hector hours before the venue to get to know them better, for they’re not a common band at all.

LSM: To those who don’t kno...

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Some of the photos from Hellfest 2015!

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