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Jettblack brand new video for ’Prison Of Love’


JETTBLACK unleash their brand new video for ‘Prison Of Love’; this is the second single from the quartet’s latest studio album, ‘Raining Rock’, issued through the Spinefarm label.

Jettblack guitarist, vocalist and qualified fine artist Will Stapleton, says… “…this is something different, but still fun; a touch more mature, perhaps, than ‘Raining Rock’, as we felt that approach would better reflect the song.

“When we came up with the concept, I sketched out the story line which then became the backbone of the finished clip...

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Sacred Mother Tongue – EP and gig news

‘A LIGHT SHINES’ The EP, OUT SEPTEMBER 3RD NEW tracklisting announced below

As previously announced EMI Label Services release ‘A Light Shines’, Sacred Mother Tongue’s brand new EP on September 3rd. This is their debut release on EMI Label Services and precedes their second album, ‘Out Of The Darkness’, which will be released early next year.

To celebrate the release of the EP the band have announced a one-off date at Islington Academy 2 on 10th September.

The EP tracklisting has changed slightly to include another brand new track ‘Bleeding Out’, which will also feature on the album ‘Out Of The Darkness’ when it is unveiled in early 2013...

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FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISKA has been confirmed to support legendary American Experimental Noise artist Boyd Rice (NON / Death In June) for his exclusive German show in Dresden, November 24th.
Hailing from the harsh coastline of the West of Ireland, FTBOA delivers a unique take on the Dark Ambient genre which is heavily inspired by a bleak environment and Ireland’s colourful history and culture.
FTBOA’s self titled and critically acclaimed debut album, which came out in 2010 via Lone Vigil Recordings, saw them play with acts like Ulver, Altar Of Plagues and William Bennet (Whitehouse/ Cut Hands)...

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Canadian synth rockers THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE have announced details for their fifth studio album – “Hide And Seek”, was once again mixed by Rainbow and Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson) who worked with the band on their last two albums – and will be released October 8th.

The dark time of year is drawing nigh and the monsters that live under the beds and in wardrobes to become the essence of countless children nightmares start creeping out of their summer hideaways...

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Electro Punk act Angelspit is returning to the UK for a run of 5 headline shows as part of the ’Wall Street Massacre’ European tour which is kicking off in Germany at the end of this month.

Angelspit, known for vicious distortion, biting lyrics and harsh drums, have churned out eight releases over the past seven years and have shared the stage with acts such as KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Sisters of Mercy and Nitzer Ebb. The band’s music and performance have been critically acclaimed worldwide.

Singer Zoog comments: “I am so excited about our European tour – It will be awesome to ROCK Europe again and I cannot wait to get back to the UK, as NO-ONE can rock like those guys…HELL YEAH!”

Front woman Amelia states: “playing the UK is no doubt a highlight of our European tour...

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Martyr Defiled £2 tour

MARTYR DEFILED have announced a run of UK shows to follow the release of their new EP ’In Shadows’ (3rd September) and have promised fans each show will be £2 entry with advance purchase tickets.
”After nearly 5 years of touring around the UK and Europe we have played amazing shows to amazing people, made amazing friends and had an amazing time. But there has always been something hanging over us, every time we see a tour announced or turn up to a venue – ticket prices are so high these days. We did a tour in 2011, and every single show was 8 pounds or more for a ticket, and so ridiculously priced on the door that it shocked us...

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Book of Reflections: Relentless Fighter

Lion Music

BOOK of REFLECTIONS is yet another vehicle of virtuoso guitarist LARS ERIC MATTSSON. This is the third installment in the band saga, this time featuring two great vocalists. Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (EVIDENCE ONE) and Markku Kuikka of STATUS MINOR both have what it takes for this neo-classically tinged metal.

Opener “Until the Day” is one of the finest moments on the album. The feeling of a modern day RAINBOW is there. And the album continues along that line. The aim to make a more straightforward album gets us the two best songs on offer; the guitar masturbating riff of “Rise Up!” and the heavy “Ritchie Malmsteen” style of the heavy “Crashing Through”...

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Kill Devil Hill: S/T


KILL DEVIL HILL sounds like someone running out of good ideas for a band name. But behind these words stands none other than Vinnie Appice of BLACK SABBATH and DIO fame, and bassist Rex Brown, formerly of PANTERA. Also appearing are vocalist Dewey Bragg who resembles Layne Staley of ALICE IN CHAINS, and guitarist Mark Zavon who has been involved with the likes of RATT and WWIII. Power and force is promised, and a fantastic new album. Well, here goes…

Grooves! I think that may well sum up this album. Slow songs and a lack of refrain might also be in the cards...

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Gwyn Ashton – Radiogram

Gwyn Ashton is a guitarist, singer and songwriter, who in 2001 was voted the third best guitarist of the year by readers of a French guitar magazine (Jeff Beck and Gary Moore were the top two). He has his own signature guitar model from Italian firm Liutart.
His last album was ”Two man blues army”, released in 2009. Since then he’s toured extensively in support of the album – I saw him perform supporting Magnum on tour in 2011 and was impressed by his ability and music.

Often albums by guitarists are released to show off how well they can play, and some songs are sketched in around the guitar parts to pretend its a real album...

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An interview with Dakesis

I spoke to Amie and Gemma from Dakesis at Bloodstock shortly after they played their set on the acoustic stage.

Festivalphoto: You’ve just played the Jaegermeister acoustic stage here at Bloodstock. How did you enjoy it?

Gemma: It was fantastic. It was so much fun, we had a great reaction, huge crowd, and it was just incredible really. It was our first time playing Bloodstock so it was really special for us.
Aimee: We come every year, we’ve been here since the dawn of time when it was indoor, and went through that transition, so to actually play is just amazing.

Festivalphoto: Have you done acoustic sets before or was this a new experience?

Gemma: We’ve not, no. Our frontman and drummer went to the pub and got drunk...

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