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Soilwork – confirmed for Metaldays!

Vocalist Björn ”Speed” Strid and his squad of SOILWORK definitely belong to the essential tops of the modern melodic thrash-branch. Their Swedish mind combined with an unmistakable and skilled sense evolves in their music. From output to output, this 6-pack-combo delivers deadly projectiles consisting of an agile destruction-impulse and vigorous melodies once more. Now SOILWORK will perform at METALDAYS and care for a massive metal-detonation.


Swedish metal eminence SOILWORK was spawned in Helsingborg, anno 1995. Following two highly acclaimed albums on Listenable Records, SOILWORK joined the Nuclear Blast roster, releasing a new bombshell each year and touring aggressively in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan...

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Sonata Arctica – Confirmed for Metaldays!

SONATA ARCTICA belongs to the most important artists of the international melodic, power metal scene and their latest full-length-masterpiece titled “Stones Grow Her Name” reached to earn another successful breakthrough. The recipe of their success is based on a very special mixture: Solid metal-hymns with powerful chorus combined with smart melodies in consideration of filigree technique. A speciality for metallic souls @ METALDAYS 2013!


Hard work has always been the key to success – but it won’t get you anywhere without a good dose of both unmistakable trademarks and ever-renewing innovation. From the beginning of their career on, SONATA ARCTICA have understood and implemented this formula, resulting in a total of album sales figures beyond the staggeringly high 600...

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Doom over METALDAYS!

The time is right to get the guitars smashed and to indulge the mighty horned god, because we present you an exclusive package of 3 top acts within the Doom Metal / Stoner Rock sector. All of them love and stand for sex, drugs and rock’n’roll – providing you a true feast of booze’n’groove! The US-cult-formation of PENTAGRAM, the British Rock-bards of ORANGE GOBLIN and Stockholm’s Hard Rockers of MUSTASCH will force you down during your metal-holidays by heavy sounds. Be certain that you auditory canals will be destroyed by a dark and gloomy heavy-metal-assault, you’ll never forget. Hell fuckin’ yeah!
The time is right to get the guitars smashed and to indulge the mighty horned god, because we present you an exclusive package of 3 top acts within the Doom Metal / Stoner Rock...

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Bleed From Within – on Metaldays!

The young-blooded UK-musicians of BLEED FROM WITHIN promise you a tremendous “Core”-impact at your METALDAYS festival. Sensational melodies, innumerable breakdowns combined with murderous grooves and aggressive, but also emotional Hardcore-screams will be provided to you live on stage by this rampaging quartet hailing from Glasgow. Their brand-new album titled “Uprising” delights not only MetalCore-Fans due to the fact that BLEED FROM WITHIN sound like a refreshing mixture between Pantera, Lamb Of God, Soilwork and The Black Dahlia Murder. An unforgettable assault of “Scottish Metal” is ready to prosecute you in Slovenia!


Formed in the suburbs of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, Bleed From Within have always delivered a devastating mix of melody and brutality throu...

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It was not an easy task, more than 800 people filled in for volunteer position at METALDAYS 2013….

…and we chose 260. Those will be contacted until 15.06. .All of you who were not chosen, please try again next year. Thank you all, and see you in Tolmin!

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ADRIA AIRWAYS – the safest wings around to go to Metaldays

Dear METALDAYSies, we are very very happy – and proud – to announce ADRIA AIRWAYS as our premium partner for plane travels to Tolmin.


Yes you read right, we are currently working on a full package: under the safe wings of ADRIA you will fly from an airport in your country to Slovenia, hop into a shuttle provided by ADRIA and drive straight to Tolmin, headbanger’s most lovable summer playground 🙂


Just visit our TRAVEL section for more information.
For those of you who have booked the flight already, we still have our shuttle partner TRANSFER.SI to get you safely to Tolmin.

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Since very first metalcamp, we supported metal community and newcomers by giving you slots at 2nd and main stage and promoting you with all big metal bands that played at our festival. We are aware how important newcomers are, and will continue to support you in the future as well….but we will ask YOU to support us as well!

This year we had almost 1000 bands, from all around the world, applied to play at METALDAYS 2013.
We just wonder how many of those bands are supporting us by coming to METALDAYS as visitors?  …we are talking about 4-5000 band members that would like to play at METALDAYS!!! Considering how many tickets we sell for METALDAYS we know that not many of those band members are actually coming to the festival that they would like to play…and this appears not fair to us.

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E-tickets now available for Metaldays

Dear friends,

last week we have presented to you news about new payment system, vegan food, and security improvement. This week we will present another improvement to you.

From now on you will be able to buy E-TICKETs at our shop Ticket4You.
With this you will be able to save your shipping costs. Simply chose the E-TICKET option and pay with your credit card. You will receive your E-TICKET immediately. Everything you have to do is to print it and take it to the festival.
If you are still old school and you feel that you need your hard ticket, you can still purchase those as well.

See ya in Tolmin

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