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SOLITY- Blues, Boogie, and the American flag

Hard rock n’ roll, or American punk/pop-rock influence? Its not easy to exactly draw the line in the music of Solity.

Solity’s first album came out in this april, but despite the fact that its the debut disk of these guys, in the style there is an explicit feeling of determinism and professionalism.

Soft melodies for the hard music
Songs can not exactly classified- its a kind of nowadays really „in vogue” style, mixing the different melodies of eras and areas. Solity follows the trend pretty well, but they spread some extra spice by adding soft and hard effects as initial sounds inside the tracks. These are those sides, where blues, boogie, or different soft rock n’roll elements could appears, not only additional.
Basic is the American style with the Swedish feeling…

„Booze, b...

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The Forsaken gör come-back

En gång lämnade jag KB strax efter att huvudakten gått på scen. Inte för att det var ett dåligt band men efter supportbandets rasande framfart tedde sig kvällens affischnamn som ett blekt och sömnigt viskollektiv.
Vilket huvudbandet var tänker jag inte tala om men de som stal showen, som spelade skiten ur publiken, som gjorde kvällen extra minnesvärd var ”The Forsaken”.
Nu har de efter åtta års tystnad ruskat liv i sig och idag släpper de come-backplattan ”Beyond Redemption” på Massacre Records.

Under uppehållet har Stefan Holm lämnat och Calle Fäldt tillkommit i sättningen. Han och Patrik Persson sköter tillsammans gitarrlirandet. Det är också han som får föra bandets talan idag och som bjuder på kaffe i hemmet i skånska Staffandstorp...

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Swing Out Sister – It’s Better To Travel – 2 CD Expanded Edition – 16th July

Universal Music Catalogue’s “Re-presents” label takes well known and loved albums from decades gone and quite literally re-presents them in a fresh, new form. Each 2CD package features the original album as it was in its entirety and will be crammed full of other exciting material including original B-sides, alternative mixes, extended versions and edits – many of which have never before appeared on CD – A sure way to whet the appetites of seasoned fans and new discoverers to these classic records alike.

Swing Out Sister’s 1987 chart-topping debut ‘It’s Better To Travel’ is a warmly organic collection of electronic pop that sets itself apart with its use of real strings and horns as well as lead singer Corinne Drewery’s much-loved and recognisable vocals...

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SIMIAN GHOST, new single ’Automation’, out now on Heist Or Hit Records

Swedish indie-troupe Simian Ghost’s latest album, “Youth”, received substantial critical acclaim when it hit the shops in March. The latest single to be taken from the record “Automation” is a true highlight from that record, a blissed-out slice of perfect pop, with hushed vocals leading into a twinkling and memorable chorus. If the sun ever decides to come out this Summer, then the band might just try and claim credit.

Simian Ghost’s success begain last year when the band, a live trio led by Sebastien Arnstrom, toured Sweden and shared stages with the likes of Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT and Niki and the Dove to name but a few...

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Chris Helme – The Rookery August 27th 2012

Chris Helme, who first rose to prominence as the front man of John Squire’s post-Stone Roses band ‘The Seahorses’ will release his brand new solo album on August 27th. Still rightfully remembered for the anthemic Britpop classics Love Is The Law and Blinded By The Sun – songs that evoked everything the 90’s stood for, the excitement, the culture and the bands that provided a voice in a period of political and social imbalance. Present day societal context may well in fact mirror those times but the man himself, now, appears cut from an entirely different cloth.

Helme’s is an enviable back catalogue, bolstered further by his acclaimed works with The Yards, but it’s The Rookery’s knack for melody and imaginative, intricate, three-way guitar interplay that brings each track to such l...

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Ben Glover New Album – Do We Burn The Boats Out August 13th

Ben Glover is back with a fourth album, as emotionally graceful and expertly Americana as his previous three. But of course with even more song writing maturity, his Springsteen-esque qualities and healthy Dylan twinge even more present and, the critics’ early premonitions of greatness even more justified.

Recorded in the heart of Nashville, the album was produced by Neilson Hubbard (Kim Richey, Glen Phillips, Garrison Starr) and features a track (Rampart Street) co written by seasoned folk songstress Mary Gauthier.

”I intended to record just five songs for an EP, but after three days in the studio we all felt that there was a momentum happening that we couldn’t ignore. So we decided to go full steam ahead and cut ten songs and make an album,” says Glover...

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Mike Tyler Debut UK Release, Erection Out August 20th

Mike Tyler is a celebrated non-academic, post-beat poet and musician in the American tradition. ‘Erection’ is his second album, creatively processed more like a novel than a recording. There is an incredible control over the work, with subtle musical innuendos and effects, as well as an incomparable sense of humour throughout. ‘Conversational Spanish’ has a false ending similar to Bacharach/David’s ‘The Look of Love’, the song ‘Man Alone’ is in, of course, Mono, and entertainingly facile lyrics like ‘I’d like to throw a pie in the face of remorseless piety’ and ‘I was standin’ by a Wilson Picket fence at ‘bout the midnight hour’ prop up album wide.

A recurrent theme of this record is a feeling of discovery and understanding, as if it’s laying a sympathetic pa...

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Danny and Ben (Thunder) announce new tour

Following their hugely successful sell out 15 date tour in January, Danny Bowes & Ben Matthews from Thunder, will hit the road again in January 2013 for more intimate evenings of 2 man mirth, music and musings. Sticking with the same format as before – a mix of acoustic Thunder songs & favourite covers, plus new road stories. The shows will be seated, with 2 sets, and there will be no support.

Dates are:

January 2013 Venue Box Office

12th Ballymena Braid Theatre 028 2565 7161
14th Nottingham Glee Club 0871 472 0400
16th Sheffield Memorial Hall 0114 278 9789
17th Manchester Academy 2 0161 832 1111
18th Liverpool Academy 0844 477 2000

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Zahed Sultan – Reuse Me EP

Zahed Sultan is a music producer from Kuwait. He released his debut album, Hi Fear, Lo Love in 2011 and attained success with his single, I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her. Parisian DJ, Stephane Pompougnac, featured the single on the internationally acclaimed Hotel Costes 15 compilation. Prior to this, world-renowned house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded Zahed 3rd place for the Involver Remix Competition. Zahed’s Remix was later signed alongside DJ Sasha to America’s no.1 TV hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Zahed has released the new EP in conjunction with an annual exposition he holds in Kuwait, entitled REUSE, to promote eco-friendly living via creative mediums...

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Biting Elbows – Biting elbows

This self titled album is the debut UK album release from Russian Punks Biting Elbows. Citing influences including The Clash, The Misfits, Rancid and Violent Femmes they have a real punk sound and attitude. The album was recorded in five separate studios in Moscow as the band kept getting moved on from the places they were using. Their debut EP (Dope Fiend Massacre) was released last year, and has been quickly followed by this debut album.

The CD/DVD comes in a nice gatefold package with a poster sized sheet that unfolds to give the lyrics to all the songs on one side and various drawings on the other..

I’d definitely recommend that you watch the video for ”The Stampede” it’s a superb video with its escape from an office (trust me its a lot more exciting than it sounds).

The punk spirit...

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