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Houston – Relaunch

This mini-album features seven cover versions plus a couple of acoustic versions of songs from Houston’s debut album. The CD inlay seems to imply that its a 7 song mini album with two ”bonus” tracks as the acoustic songs are credited separately which seems kind of pointless to be honest, but it’s not a big deal.

The cover versions are:

Runaway – originally recorded by Dakota
Carrie – originally recorded by Michael Bolton
Brief Encounter – originally recorded by Airrace and featuring Airrace’s Laurie Mansworth on guest guitar
Don’t You Know What Love Is (originally recorded by Touch and featuring Touch keyboard player Mark Mangold on guest vocals
Don’t Ever Wanna Lose You – originally recorded by New England
Didn’t We Almost Win It All – originally recorded by the late Laura Branigan...

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Amaranthe – Amaranthe (Special edition)

This is the special edition of Amaranthe’s debut album, released several months after the original release of the album. So what’s the difference between this and the standard edition? Well for a start there are two extra songs on this version, and secondly there is a DVD included with music videos, behind the scenes footage and a tour documentary.

If you havent heard anything by Amaranthe yet then you’ve definitely been missing out. A quick glance at the photo on the cover might give the impression that this is a typical female fronted band, but nothing could be further from the truth. Amaranthe are probably unique in having three lead vocalists – two lead singers doing clean vocals – one male and one female, with another male singer doing the screams and growls...

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ANVIL @ KB Mlamö 29/11-11

A one. A two A Fuck You! -Lips

Kultförklarade kanadensiska Anvil öppnar överraskande och oväntat bara tio minuter efter att usla förbandet Crimes Of Passion slutat plåga oss. Belysningen hann inte ens dämpas inne på KB! Lips var så ivrig att komma igång. Den fullständigt galna Lips springer ivrigt rundor på scenen själv och kör lite solo, skriker i micken på gitarren och är helt överväldigad av att få spela inför de skånska fansen inne på KB.

När väl övriga medlemmar kommer in på scenen och kör igång så visar läder-piraten Robb Reiner på fantastiskt livligt trumspel. Basisten Glenn Five, medlem sedan femton år tillbaka är riktigt cool och ger djup till bandet...

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SAXON @ KB Malmö 29/11-11

Saxon har en otroligt hög lägsta nivå och denna kväll ville Saxon inte vara sämre än bra, riktigt bra vill säga, utan körde på för fulla muggar och levererade hits efter hits med mycket inlevelse. Efter nästan två timmars dunder och brak kände man sig överkörd efter att fått höra hits från större delen av deras karriär. Tisdagskvällen på KB var som en fredag! Lokalen var fullsmockad och folk drack som om det vore helg.

60-åringen Biff Byford (sång) är ett energiknippe i sällan skådat slag. Han är en imponerande herre som fört Saxon framåt år efter år. Han headbangar smått och hoppade så mycket att energin smittade av sig till publiken...

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Jack Starr´s Burning Starr: Land of the Dead

Limb/Sound Pollution

New York guitarist Jack Starr first rose to fame with VIRGIN STEELE. But his spell with them was not to last for more than two albums, the self titled debut and “Guardians of the Flame”. Jack stuck to his guns releasing a solo album plus four more under the BURNING STARR moniker between 1985 and 1989. Time passed and not until 2009 came the band´s return with “Defiance”. This time Jack´s back, backed by long time bass player Ned Meloni, drummer Rhino, of MANOWAR fame, and vocalist Todd Hall. Guests on the album are Ross the Boss and David Shankle, adding to the MANOWAR touch, plus Marta Gabriel of CRYSTAL VIPER. Are we in for a delightful trip in the time machine?

The title track opens with a spoken voice, welcoming me to the land of the dead...

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Cage: Supremacy of Steel

Music Buy Mail/Sound Pollution

1992 marked the start of CAGE, in the heyday of grunge. But the band now release album number six, proving everybody wrong. CAGE hovers in the classic age of metal sound-wise, but both the NWOBHM and more modern touches are incorporated. Today the band consists of vocalist Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck, guitarist Dave “Conan” Garcia, drummer Norm “The Legend” Leggio (PSYCHOTIC WALTZ), and bass player Pete “Hands of” Stone. This seems to be a high priority release, is it that good?

The foundation of US heavy metal, Venom-like NWOBHM, JUDAS PRIEST and, to some extent, KING DIAMOND is omnipresent. CAGE is not trendy, and they go for the throat already in opener “Bloodsteel”...

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Mastercastle: Dangerous Diamonds


Italians MASTERCASTLE seems to become hotter by the day. They debuted in 2009 with the neoclassical “The Phoenix”, returned with the more straightforward “Last Desire” and now they apparently aim to combine the two with their third outing. The driving force behind the band seems to be guitarist Pier Gonella, bass player Steve Vawamas and drummer Alessandro Bissa. They chose vocalist Giorgia Gueglio to crown their efforts with her quite exceptional voice. The topics in the lyrics are very varied, everything from an Italian painter to the harsh lives of fishermen is included here. Is this their best yet?

The dynamically melodic “Another Flower” says they´re doing alright, no more. The refrain is a big vague, but the sound, especially the guitar, is great...

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Metal Female Voices Fest (MFVF) 2011

Friday nights at MFVF are a warm up for the main event – two full days of music at the weekend. There are only three bands tonight, but with fans arriving from all over the world then it’s a chance to meet up with friends, buy some merchandise and enjoy some great music after a long day of travelling.
Held at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, just outside Aalst in Belgium, MFVF is the premier event of the year for fans of female fronted metal, so its no surprise to find fans here from all over Eurpoe as well as places as far away as Canada.

First up are Bare infinity from Greece who put in a great performance to get the crowd warmed up.

Next up are Xandria, who have just finished their tour of Europe as part of the ”Out of the dark” festival...

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Coldspell & The Quill – Barfly, London – 22-11-2011

The night opened with sets from Toxic Federation and Rough Cut. Both were very good, but Rough Cut impressed particularly, partly because for a band that looked too young to be out late on a school night, they performed very well, and their singer in particular was very impressive. The only weak link was the drummer who didnt seem to be quite as good as the others – or was just having a bad night.

Swedish hard rockers Coldspell took to the stage in front of a fairly disappointing crowd, but didnt let that bother them. They put in a great set consisting of five songs from their latest album (Out from the cold) as well as three older songs.
With plenty of good heavy guitars and some great vocals, Coldspell definitely impressed quite a few people...

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An interview with Reckless Love

Ant May from Festivalphoto spoke with Olli Herman and Hessu Maxx from Reckless love shortly before their show at Islington Academy in London on 26th November 2011

Festivalphoto: First of all, welcome to London – first night of your UK tour.

Olli: Thank you. Second time we’re here, or doing a full tour here, and it was more than a year ago that we last played on British soil so it’s a bit exciting to tell the truth, a bit nerve-wracking as well – do they still remember us.

Festivalphoto: Well the queue outside the venue started around 2 hours before the doors open so I think they do remember you.

Olli: Really, thanks for sharing this information, a load just came off my heart.

Festivalphoto: Your UK tour ends at the Hard Rock Hell festival. Have you heard anything about the festival?


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