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Ken Ring, Näääk & Nimo och Kartellen!

Svensk hiphop X3 till Bråvalla festival!

Ken Ring har varit med i gamet länge, gått igenom tuffa perioder och aldrig slutat utvecklas. Med kritikerrosade Akustiken i bagaget kommer han göra en känslostark och mångsidig spelning på Bråvalla festival.

Näääk & Nimo släppte tidigare år var sin soloplatta, Mannen utan mask respektive Till slut, som båda hyllades av en enig kritikerkår. Den slackerorienterade och tillbakalutade hiphopen kommer sitta perfekt i sommarvärmen.

Kartellen är Sveriges enda gangstarap-grupp och med Sebbe Staxx i spetsen intar de Bråvalla för en tung spelning. Gruppen släppte dessutom debutalbumet Ånger & kamp tidigare i år – hänsynslös och tänkvärd hiphop när den är som bäst.

Köp biljett till årets festival här! >> http://bit...

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, James Blake, Miguel, Suicidal Tendencies, Turbonegro and about 80 other artists join the line-up.
Roskilde Festival’s 43rd line-up has just seen the light of day. About 85 new artists join the nearly 100 already announced, unveiling a multicoloured music catalogue of countless genres, nationalities and moods. “As always, we are ambitious on our audience’s behalf, and eager to cross their musical boundaries. At the same time we have a variety of stars to secure the collective, unifying concert experience, “ says Music Director Rikke Øxner.

A variation of headliners
KRAFTWERK, THE NATIONAL, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, RIHANNA, SIGUR RÓS, SLIPKNOT and VOLBEAT are at top of the poster. The headliners cover genres such as rock, pop and futuristic electro...

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Watch the line-up release on Roskilde Road Trip.
Why not come join Roskilde Road Trip where you can watch it with a lot of other Roskilde Festival fans when Roskilde Festival reveals the entire line-up for this year’s festival on Thursday 18 April at 8 pm?

There will be free concerts in the following cities after the line-up release:

Hamburg: Bottled in England (DK) + Die Vögel (DE)

Malmö: Summer Heart (SE) DJ set + Friendly Beastly Coyote (DK) + Compadre (SE)

Oslo: Eik (NO) + Lemâitre (NO)

Check out the full Roskilde Road Trip program here.

Roskilde Festival is currently on tour as Roskilde Road Trip in Northern Europe, where you’re invited to an entire week of free concerts, art installations, workshops, debates and parties.

Gothenburg 6 – 13 April @ Röda Sten

Oslo 13 – 20 April @...

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Syster Sol dansar in!

Den svenska reggaedrottningen besöker Bråvalla!

Som en varm sommarvind har Syster Sols pulserande toner svept in i hjärtat på Sveriges reggaefantaster. Låtar som Gillar Din Vibe, Mad mad mad och Kärleksrevolt har satt fart på många dansgolv genom åren. Dansa för kärlekens skull, nu är det snart helg!

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Korn back in Europe for summer/festival tour!

The American heavy metal band Korn is back on European soil and will be heading to the Dutch Venue 013 in Tilburg after their last visit, a sold out concert in 2011. The band from California has their debut Korn – Korn (1994). Korn uses a refined formula of metal, alternative and hip-hop wich critics soon described as nu-metal. A new genre seemed to be born. The international breakthrough follows with ’ Life Is Peachy ’ (1996) and commercial Smasher ’ Follow The Leader ’ (1998), which resulted with mainstream success. Brian ’ Head ’ Welch was one of the co-founders of Korn in 1993, but stopped in 2005 to kick his drug addiction. This year, Korn and Welch will be back on tour and in 013.

Their support is a real super group! Hellyeah consists of vocalist Chris Gray (Mudvayne) and guitaris...

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Papa Roach and Escape the fate to club 013 – Tilburg / the Netherlands!!!

With two modern metal bands on the 013 calendar it’s going to be a smashing party on the 26th of June in Tilburg – the Netherlands! Papa Roach will be coming again for the seventh (!) time to 013. The American rockers are since their breakthrough single ’Last Resort’ more evolved from a nu-metal band to a great high level rock/metal band , proof for this are their last two studio albums ’ Metamporphosis ’ (2009) and ’ The Connection ’ (2012). With a sound that easily can fill big stadiums, these gentlemen are still very popular. According to some Papa Roach might be a one-hit wonder, the real rocker knows better. This band has been guarantee a for epic rock from the top shelf for the last ten years!

As a support act they will be bringing Escape The Fate...

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Helldorado – Bones in the closet

Helldorado was formed in the spring of 2001 in Stavanger, Norway. Most of the members had been playing in local band The Tramps for several years, and had considerable live and studio experience with that band. They where looking for a much darker and broader musical landscape than they could find in The Tramps, and got together playing punked up surf covers with their new band Helldorado.

So in short what we have here is Mexican surf rock from Norway! It sounds like a bizarre combination, but the results are amazingly good – check out the video below to see what I mean.

The trumpets add much of the Mexican feel to the album, and the guitars and drums give the rock base...

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Counting Crows – Echoes of the outlaw roadshow

I must admit to being surprised that Counting Crows have chosen to release this live album. After all, it’s only a couple of years since their last live album (August and Everything After: Live at Town Hall). With the last studio album – ’Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation)’ having been a collection of covers, I’d expected them to follow it up with a studio album of new material given that it’s been five years since their last album of new material.
Having said that, the band are touring and are about to hit the UK and the rest of Europe, so a live album to coincide with that does make sense, especially given the band’s reputation as a great live band.

The songs on the live album include four from the Underwater sunshine album along with tracks from their other al...

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„What we see around us is a world made of lies. Reality is rarely experienced it is escaped! Gashes of unbelief rattle our earthly path as we try to keep our illusions intact. Our human instict kills our creed and eats our brains. Yes, we prey on the living. You cant escape the truth! You will soon awake in the savage playground..” -states the introduction by the band, as a kind of explanation of the abstract context of the 4th Crashdiet album’s wild dream. The Savage Playground was one of the first rock productions released this past January, providing almost a full hour of totally crazy, orgasmic bliss for the rocking audience. The savage playground is THE SLEAZE ALBUM of today, written with capital letters, for all who have at least a tiny bit of sleazy feelings in their lives...

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Intervju med Airbourne

Jag möter upp Ryan O’Keeffe, trummis och den ena av två bröder i Airbourne, på Warner Musics kontor i Stockholm. Dagen har varit lång, det ser man på honom. Han ber om att få ta några minuter innan intervjun, för att få skvätta lite vatten i ansiktet och vakna till. Det verkar ha varit en sen kväll. Han återkommer med en öl i handen och slår sig ned i en fåtölj bredvid mig.

Tro det eller ej, men ni har nu spelat ihop i tio år. Hur känns det?
– Det är rätt roligt, för många som har intervjuat mig har just påpekat detta. Och jubileet i ära så är första låten på nya albumet skriven för tio år sedan. Men vi känner oss fortfarande fräscha. Visst, för tio år sedan var vi 16 år och gick i skolan, så man har ju inte direkt turnerat världen runt alla dessa år...

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