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Metal as fuck – Brand new music video from TLMTR

This is it! Our first music video! Listen, share, tell your friends, mosh, get nuts… TLMNTR – METAL AS FUCK!
Straight from the future,
with a sonic fucking blast! 
Still a bit hungover,
and I’m coming at you fast! 


You wanna smoke a bowl?
or a drunken fix of speed?
I’ve got all the heavy shit,
that you just might need!


I came to fucking party,
so you best get down with the Tolminator stomp! 
What do you mean if I am real,
motherfucker, my bones are steel! 
I came to rage, let’s have some fun,
I’ll show you how the fuck it’s done! 

VOCALS –  Mutardo 
BASS – Trasher 
DRUMS – Sick Sick 
GUITAR – Shredderz 
BACK VOCALS – Matic Medja, Matija Majcen, Tomaž Gorkič, Črt ...

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ALL the info you need to go to hell

Check out the official program for Hellfest on this link:

Schedule, band info, practical info, you name it… it´s all there!
See you in hell my friend!

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Store your things during Hellfest

Store your belongings safely in the lockers available inside Metal Corner with @mobilelockereu

This year we’re offering two locations:

  • UNDER TENT: Access to your locker according to opening hours
  • CONTAINER: 24-hour access to your locker throughout the festival.

Lockers are available in various sizes and must be reserved online via our partner MOBILE LOCKER. Your locker will be accessible via a code (cannot be changed).

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Cashless in Hell – Need cash to pay Satan?

Naah most of Hellfest Open Air is cashless. You can easily load your Cashless account on or in the Hellfest app.

The only means of payment accepted on the festival, find all the information and the complete procedure on the site above (beware of fake sites that could imitate our address).

As a reminder, cashless payment is accepted at the following points:

  • Merch (Hellfest Official & Artist)
  • Bars
  • Catering
  • Ferris Wheel
  • H2O (showers)
  • No cashless at Extrem Market, nor at lockers (more info to come)

We remind you that there are no longer any cash dispensers on the festival grounds, so remember to take your precautions beforehand. Cash is still accepted to credit your account at a cashless bank.

Refunds will be open from July 1...

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Find tickets for Hellfest Open Air

The tickets for Hellfest are sold out (as usual), but take a look at Reelax Tickets, You can usually find some tickets there. Avoid other sites as there is risk of scams.

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