Cashless in Hell – Need cash to pay Satan?

Naah most of Hellfest Open Air is cashless. You can easily load your Cashless account on or in the Hellfest app.

The only means of payment accepted on the festival, find all the information and the complete procedure on the site above (beware of fake sites that could imitate our address).

As a reminder, cashless payment is accepted at the following points:

  • Merch (Hellfest Official & Artist)
  • Bars
  • Catering
  • Ferris Wheel
  • H2O (showers)
  • No cashless at Extrem Market, nor at lockers (more info to come)

We remind you that there are no longer any cash dispensers on the festival grounds, so remember to take your precautions beforehand. Cash is still accepted to credit your account at a cashless bank.

Refunds will be open from July 1 to 14 inclusive, with the option of donating your balance to one of the following charities (selection to follow)