Play at Tolminator!

Every year we will give newcomers a chance to perform on Tolminator. We tend to continue supporting newcomers, but there’s only a certain amount of slots we can provide each year and hundreds of bands who wanna perform. So the only reasonable option is to give the chance to bands that are also present on the festival itself as fans. With this we also make sure that the fans get that family feeling from the festival.

What to do? At least one band member needs to come to the INFO POINT at the festival, where you will need to fill an application form and leave your CD.

This is the only way you get a chance to play TOLMINATOR. We will later go through every single recording and choose the best 15+ bands that will get a slot on the Beach Stage or even Main Stage.

If you think your band is not a newcomer and deserves a slot on the Main Stage, activate your agent that takes care of you.

See you all this summer in Tolmin, Slovenia!

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